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Natural Milk Shakes



Russian (Iced coffee with natural vanilla ice cream), Swiss (Iced mint with chocolate ice cream)
Chinese (Horchata with vanilla ice cream), Portuguese (Ice Orange with yoghourt ice cream)
Cuban (Merengue Milk and Chocolate ice cream), Vatican (Merengue Milk and vanilla ice cream)
Father Christmas (Merengue Milk and strawberry ice cream), Oriental (Ice Orange and vanilla ice cream)
African (Iced Coffe with chocolate ice cream), Snow White (Merengue Milk and natural ice cream)
Greek (Iced Coffe and yoghourt ice cream), Norse (Iced lemon and yoghourt ice cream)
Mulatto (Horchata and chocolate ice cream), Hungarian (Iced orange with chocolate ice cream)

Natural Iced Drinks

Merengue Milk
Iced Lemon
Iced Orange
Horchata (Tiger Nut milk)
Lemon and mint teas

Mixed Iced Drinks

Black and White (Merengue milk and Iced Coffe)
Levante (Iced Orange and Lemon)
Mezclaet (Horchata and Iced Lemon)
Benjumea (Iced Coffe Lemon)
Chufee (Horchata and Iced Coffe)
Polar (Iced lemon and Mint)
Limonella (Iced Leamon with Redcurrent)
Hindú (Iced tea and Orange)

Cakes and Tapas

Torrijas home made
Fritters dipped traditionally elaborated
Spanish omelette

Warm and Hot Drinks

Brazilian (Merengue Milk and Hot Chocolate)
Colombian (Merengue Milk and Hot Coffee)
Equadorian (Horchata with a little Hot Coffee)
Mediterranean (Yoghurt ice cream in natural orange ju
Vinnese (Coffee with whipped cream or ice cream)
Irish (Coffee, whisky and whipped cream)
Scottish (Coffee, whisky and ice cream)